Freedom, creativity, success.

Eyelash extension artistry is one of the newest and most bountiful careers in the beauty industry. It has the highest demand in the field and practically guarantees clientele! You can think of becoming an Eyelash Extension Technician with LA Lash Academy as an ideal way to truly invest in yourself. It is considered the highest paid job in the permanent makeup industry. Once your clients experience these full, amazingly natural, georgeous, eye-popping lashes they will not want to go without them ever again. Your clients will come back to see you every month to re-fill their lashes (especially with Zaira's secret techniques!). Our role at LA Lash Academy is not only to educate you to become a Lash Artist but also to continue that training in terms of helping you move forward in your journey as a successful LA Lash Academy Artist. However, if that doesnt gaurantee your success, there are many other benefits to becoming an eyelash extension artist.

Not only do you have the option of working at any salon, you have the freedom to become your very own boss! You can be a freelancer and have your own clientele (which you can even pick and choose!). You have the ability to work out of your own home, or even travel with your very own business. We believe that becoming an Eyelash Extension Technician is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself! You will be helping other women feel beautiful as well as giving them the gift of unimaginable confidence with show-stopping lashes! You will also have tons of flexibity, more money, and more time for you! By choosing this career you will experience deep satisfaction making women look and feel fantastic, express your creativity, and make a good income. At LA Lash Academy you will learn more in our courses about how to expand your freedom and completely transform your career.

Our Products

The application products offered by LA Lash Academy have been thoroughly researched and tested and are the most state-of-the-art products available on the market today. We've all heard that some adhesives out there are known to ruin natural eyelashes! This is why all of our adhesives are extensively tested by Eyelash Extension Technicians themselves! They have been deemed completely safe - the primary ingredient in all of our exclusive adhesives is the same basic ingredient used by plastic surgeons to close wounds without using stitches.

Getting certified with LA Lash Academy means discounts on all of our state-of-the-art products throughout your entire career.

We take pride in our loyalty to our students and assure you the best products. From practice supplies, to your very first starter kit, all the way through to your very last (if ever!) full set of lashes. LA Lash Academy has got your back, and we are here to help you gain success and exceed beyond throughout your journey as an Eyelash Extension Technician.

We also provide a diverse range of lengths, and many different kinds of lashes and curls, so you can create a natural flow and custom look for your client. With our products you get the most natural match possible. Your client will not believe their eyes (literally!) and come back to you every time.

Our research and development team is constantly searching for new product developments in order to stay at the forefront of innovations in eyelash extension applications. All of our products are completely free of animal testing and cruelty free! Your success and the safety of your clients drive our quest for excellence. You will get the chance to test our products by taking our courses with our all-inclusive starter kit!

At LA Lash Academy our mission is to provide the absolute best knowledge and technique for all of our students! Our goal is not only to educate you to become a Lash Artist but also to continue that training, helping you move forward in your journey as a successful LA Lash Academy Artist.

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